Cast is selected for Theater Bartlesville’s first show of the season

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Theater Bartlesville has set the stage for its first show of the 2016-2017 Season! Kingdoms of Democracy, a zany political comedy written by local playwright Dan Gordon, will be directed by Theater Bartlesville’s Artistic Director Shelby Brammer and will run September 15, 16, 17 and again on September 23, 24 and 25.

Consider the current political climate in America; imagine it’s the Middle Ages, then surrender to laughter as it becomes clear that this absurdity is our reality.  Boobs and Ninnies fight over chickens and eggs as the Kingdoms of Democracy teeter on the edge of disaster, providing much needed humor right before the November Presidential Election.

The Kingdoms of Democracy is a satirical comedy for people who see the current dynamic of American politics as a parable to traveling cross country, in a compact car, with two children in the back seat. Our story takes place in the land of Democracy.  The King of Democracy has died and left his twin sons, Dupe and Rube, to share the throne. But after the King’s death his sons have a fight.  Dupe wants to honor his father by making eggs sacred, while Rube wants to honor him by making chickens sacred. The fight escalates, a line is painted down the middle of Democracy, and two kingdoms are formed: the Kingdom of Boob, ruled by King Dupe, and the Kingdom of Ninny, ruled by King Rube. Our story begins as both kingdoms run out of chickens and eggs, a secret plot to take over all of Democracy is unfolding, and Dupe and Rube are campaigning to become the Ultimate King.

Very much an ensemble piece, the show features a cast of 17 with 10 major roles including Kings, Sorceresses, Political Operatives, Damsels, a Prince, and a Town Crier. There is also a supporting ensemble of characters who are the citizens and townspeople of the respective kingdoms. These roles include some wacky lines and funny antics spoken by the Boobs and Ninnies of the land.

The feature roles include veterans Carol Lynn Fry, Troy Martin, Joanie Elmore, Bernie Meadows, Jason Elmore, Ron Stotts and Greg Williams. Newcomers to Theater Bartlesville include Jami Shine, Shelly Holdman and Adam Molloy, with an Ensemble of Townspeople, which include Thomas Gilbert, Sally Miller, Susan Vincent, Jill Pletcher, Kristin Duncan, Ariel King and Stephen Berg.

Theater Bartlesville is excited to be presenting this homage to Dan Gordon as he enters into a new phase of his life. Dan and his wife Tina are leaving Bartlesville and moving to Edmond, Oklahoma in January. According to Gordon, “It is really neat to get to do this show again before we go. This town has been really good to me with amazing support even when others did not give it. I am truly appreciative of that! We are definitely going to miss everyone but simply cannot pass up the opportunity to live next door to our precious grandchildren in Edmond; however, we promise that we will be back to visit!”

This show is one that you will absolutely not want to miss. A political season of this sort doesn’t come around that often and if you are still trying to figure it all out, Dan’s show may help you to put all the pieces together!

KINDGDOMS OF DEMOCRACY opens Thursday, September 15 at 7:00pm and continues on Friday and Saturday, September 16 and 17 also, at 7:00 pm. As is our custom at Theater Bartlesville, the show will run the next week-end on Friday, Saturday and Sunday September 23 and 24 at 7:00 pm and again on September 25 at 2:00 pm. You may purchase tickets here on our website, by calling 918-336-1900 between the hours of 11-2, or by coming to the Theater during the same times.