Theater Bartlesville is excited to be part of the thriving arts community in Bartlesville. It is our goal to provide quality artistic experiences for the entertainment, enrichment, and education of the community.

We are ever-grateful to our members, those who have volunteered throughout the years, and those who have supported us financially. We couldn't do it without you, the community!

We are especially thankful to our Arts Partners, Community Partners, and those who both lead and attend our Educational Workshops.

Arts Partners

Pegasus Productions is a Children’s Theatre Company that was formerly based in New York City, and traveled around the USA presenting elaborate fully-staged theatrical events with life-sized puppets based on classical literature and music.  >> more


Community Partners

Bartlesville Community Foundation believes in the power of together. They offer a place for donors to invest in charitable organizations and causes.  >> more


Educational Events

Educational events at Theater Bartlesville.  >> more