Auditions for Becky's New Car

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Alright guys, here is a breakdown of the roles for Becky's New Car! Auditions are set for July 31st at 630pm at Theater Bartlesville.

  • Becky (Rebecca) Foster 40-50's yrs old
  • Joe Foster..Becky's husband, roofer 40-50's
  • Chris Foster...thier son, psych student 18-20's
  • Walter Flood..wealthy businessman, widowed 50-60's
  • Kensington (Kenni) Flood..Walter's daughter 18-20's
  • Steve...Becky's co-worker 35-50's
  • Ginger...neighbor of Walter, single 35-50's

PLEASE Don't completely count yourself out if not within these age ranges, come out and read for us if you are interested!!! We cant wait to see you!!