Auditions for Dan Gordon's hilarious comedy, The Kingdoms of Democracy

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AUDITIONS for Theater Bartlesville’s first fall production are scheduled to take place at the theater, located at 312 S. Dewey, on Monday, August 1st at 6:30 pm. Call backs will be the next evening on Tuesday, August 2nd at the same time and place. The first show of the season will be local playwright DAN GORDON'S hilarious comedy, THE KINGDOMS OF DEMOCRACY. As we head into the last stretch of the current political election season, this show, which is full of tongue-in-cheek jargon and tomfoolery, is sure to entertain with sheer delight.

Taking place during the Middle Ages in the medieval Kingdoms of Boob and Ninny, this very funny play lampoons our own country's political and cultural climate. Very much an ensemble piece, it features a cast of approximately 16, with 10 major roles including Kings, Sorceresses, Political Operatives, Damsels, a Prince, and a Town Crier. These roles are for women and men between the ages 20 to 60. There are also supporting roles of up to six men and women who are the citizens and townspeople of the kingdoms. These roles include some wacky lines and funny antics.

According to Managing Director, Joanie Elmore, the informal auditions are open to veteran actors as well as newcomers to Theater Bartlesville. "Auditions are designed to be very casual and non-threatening at our theater," said Elmore. “We are absolutely open to new prospective actors and actresses for this audition and hope that all will feel welcome to come. The cast will be chosen and the play directed by Artistic Director Shelby Brammer, who has a way of making everyone feel at ease and glad that they took the risk of auditioning.”

Actors will be asked to read specific parts "cold" with other actors, but those interested in perusing the script in advance may call the theater at 918-336-1900 or email Shelby Brammer directly at eat0@eau0eav0eaw0.

“Being part of a show at Theater Bartlesville is a wonderfully challenging and fun experience,” says Elmore; she encourages aspiring and long-time actors to come join the fun. "When a cast is chosen, they become part of an ensemble of performers who live and breathe together for the next six weeks. They form life-long friendships, gain respect for one another, and experience a group camaraderie that is like nothing else. They share the joy, excitement, and sometimes “sheer fear” of doing live theater as an ensemble, while they take the theatrical journey together.”

The show rehearsals will begin on Monday, August 8th and the production will run for two consecutive week-ends, September 15, 16, and 17 and 23, 24, 25.

For further information you may call the theater at 918-336-1900 or just show up the night of auditions.